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Web Site Design is simply the process of creating and arranging the Web pages that in turn, make up a Web site. It generally includes graphic design, copywriting, image manipulation, and programming. To make things simple, there are really only 2 choices when designing a Web site -- a) do it yourself, or b) have someone with the skills and experience do it for you.

A) Do-it-Yourself Options
There are dozens of applications that have been created to simplify the task of creating and managing a Web site. Here are the most popular options:

Web-based Site Builder - Some web hosting companies (like Splash5) include a site builder application with some of their hosting plans. Our site builder allows you to create a presence online using only a web browser and Internet access. Choose from thousands of template combinations. Structure your own layout and navigation, and then add content, images and multimedia.

Adobe Dreamweaver™ - Dreamweaver is the industry-leading Web site development software. Although it is not inexpensive, it is well developed, comprehensive, and extremely popular. It does have a fairly steep learning curve and is only recommended for those that really want to get their feet wet.

Microsoft FrontPage™ - Also extremely popular, Microsoft FrontPage is made with ease of use in mind, but does not necessarily produce the most elegant or reliable code. While it may be more suitable for the novice than Dreamweaver, it is generally not used by professional web designers.

B) Hire Someone . . . like Splash5
If you would rather focus on running your business, you may be more interested in finding someone to design a Web site for you. A good web designer brings years of experience along with skills in programming, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, illustration, and user interface design. They know what works and what does not. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we have designed for clients.

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Web Hosting
We make use of only the highest quality & reliable web-hosting services for our clients. The servers we use have all of the following features as standard...
  • cPanel Control Panel
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Web Hosting Solutions
Please ask us about tailoring a custom server configuration to your individual needs.

"We have been using splash5 for a number of years now for both our print and web-based design work. and we have never been happier with the results we get from them"
- Ray Kwist, Rooms4U

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