Domain Names

Computers on the Internet use a unique number to identify and communicate with each other. This number is called an "IP Address". As an example, if you type in into the address bar of your browser, you will get to Splash5. Domain Name Systems (DNS) were created to map domain names (like to specific IP addresses. Obviously, the domain name "" is much easier to remember than "".

Simply put, a domain name is a unique address ("URL") to a Web site on the Internet. It starts with a unique word, or combination of letters and/or numbers (i.e. "splash5"), followed by a common "top-level" domain (i.e. ".com").

More specifically, the domain name is a combination of an approved top-level (or 1st level) domain suffix representing the category of domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.), preceded by a group of letters and/or numbers making up the mid-level (or 2nd level domain).

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)
There are over 200 top level domains on the Internet. Many are for specific countries and managed by national registries (.ca for Canada or .uk for the United Kingdom). However, the most popular are considered "generic" and used globally:

.com (commercial) - One of the original top-level domains and has grown to be the largest. If you register your own domain, it is highly recommended to try an acquire one with this extention. There are no restrictions for use by individuals or businesses from any geographic location.

.net (network) - .net domains were originally intended for use by network oriented entities, however there are no formal restrictions on who can register a domain with this extention, so it is still extremely popular.

.org (organization) - Originally encouraged for use by non-profit organizations and individuals, there are now no restrictions for use of the this TLD.

.biz (business) - This generic TLD was introduced in 2001 as an alternative for businesses whose preferred .com domain name had already been registered by someone else. No specific legal or geographic requirements for registering a .biz domain other than it being for "commercial use".

.info (informative) - Another top-level domain alternative released in 2001 to take pressure off of the crowded .com domain. It has been extremely popular since its launch and has no restrictions on registration.

.us (United States) - Registrants of .us domains should be entities connected or located in the United States. It is also a popular domain for U.S. businesses looking for an alternative to .com.

.mobi (mobile) - Domains ending with .mobi are intended for mobile devices and web sites providing services to them. This TLD was made available for general registration in October 2006. Your existing web site may look good on a PC, but probably not on a mobile phone. This would be a good reason to register a .mobi domain and build a mobile-compatible version of your existing web site. For information on making your web site for mobile devices, please refer to the .mobi guidelines.

Getting your own Domain Name
Having your own domain name means your Web site visitors only have to remember you. All methods of communication can be branded to your company name:

- Company Name: Sven's Shoes
- Internet Domain Name:
- E-mail Addresses:,,

There are millions of domains that are already taken, but many more still available. Don't wait to get a domain name for yourself or your business contact us.

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