A very liberal definition of e-commerce is simply "doing business online". However, e-commerce is more commonly understood as the ability to receive secure online payments with a shopping cart, merchant account (for credit card processing), and SSL security.

Any website can support e-commerce with these three technologies:

Shopping Carts
A shopping cart is a web application that acts as a Web sites's product or service catalog, and ordering process. It allows your site visitors to select items for sale, review what has been selected, make modifications (if necessary), and purchase.

Internet Merchant Account
A merchant account is an agreement between you (or your business) and a financial instituition. They are necessary in order for you to accept credit cards on your Web site. Your shopping cart will connect to a merchant account to validate credit cards and transfer funds from your customers bank accounts to yours.

SSL Security
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that enables a web browser and a web server to communicate securely. If you've been to a Web page, and noticed a padlock at the bottom of the browser, or the web address change from "http" to "https", you are seeing examples of a Web site that is utilizing SSL security.

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We make use of only the highest quality & reliable web-hosting services for our clients. The servers we use have all of the following features as standard...
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"As an artist, I need my work to be seen. With Splash5's help getting me on the web, I can now have more veiwers in a day than I could fit into my show room!"
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